About Us

Founded by lawyers with differentiated backgrounds and expertise, VRBF has grown with a common value among its members: deep knowledge sharing in order to achieve innovative ideas, which result in creative and effective solutions.
The services provided by our team are developed side by side with our clients, evaluating their concrete needs, always working with ethics, care and sensitivity, privileging manners that preserve the business activities, minimize risks and meet clients’ interests.


To be among the leading law firms specialized in business legal assistance, especially Tax Law, through extreme personalization of highly specialized services, developing good business opportunities, with credibility, ethics, technique and safety, being capable of attracting, boosting and retaining clients and talented lawyers.


To be recognized as a law firm which is highly specialized in tax litigation and consultancy, as well as an excellence reference in corporate legal advisory.



  • Clients in the essence of all our actions
  • Technical competence and continuous improvement
  • Ethics and responsibility at all times
  • Innovation and creativity for the best legal solution
  • We are a family
  • Joint and constant evolution
  • We are made of people