• | Bruno Giotto Gavinho Frota
  • | Paulo Victor Vieira da Rocha
  • Legal Opinions on all tax matters;
  • Development of legal theses and reasoning for support on concrete cases of litigation;
  • Tax Litigation, both administrative and judicial proceedings;
  • Routine Tax Consultancy;
  • Tax consultancy directed to the definition of corporate and contractual structures, supply chain, pricing;
  • Definition, analysis or review of tax plans in general;
  • Analysis of tax impacts arising from corporate reorganizations and restructurings;
  • Preparation and submission of tax rullings requests before tax administration;
  • Support on tax audits;
  • Tax assessment reviews driven to detect debts or contingencies in general and to identify tax credits to be recovered.
  • Tax returns, documents and routines review;
  • International operations and double taxation convention;
  • Taxation of new activities related to the digital economy;
  • Specialized assistance for supporting operations related to Manaus Special Economic Zone and all Free-Trade Areas in Brazil.



  • | Tarsila Machado Alves
  • Incorporation, dissolution and liquidation of companies;
  • Corporate reorganizations (acquisitions, mergers and divisions);
  • Legal Structuring of acquisitions and sale of equity interests, assets and businesses and due diligence;
  • Advice and mediation of agreements and para-social agreements
  • Registration of companies and respective changes before official bodies (commercial boards, notaries and other records);
  • Draft and review of contracts and template-instruments as well;
  • Legal opnions;
  • Agreements’ negotiation and renegotiation;
  • International contracts;
  • Real estate operations;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Legal oraganization of family businesses;
  • Succession planning;
  • Wealth legal management and assets protection.


  • | Henrique França Ribeiro
  • | Tarsila Machado Alves
  • Civil litigation;
  • Corporate litigation;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Arbitration
  • Credit recovery.


  • | Henrique França Ribeiro
  • Labor Litigation;
  • Revision of labor contract structures;
  • Labor Law due diligence;
  • Consultancy in employment relationships and labor relationships in general.


  • | Jenne Silva
  • Business planning, consulting and structuring aligned with regulatory aspects;
  • Development of legal theses and reasoning for concrete cases of litigation;
  • Institutional relationships with regulatory agencies, at the federal, state and local spheres, (such as: ANATEL, MCTIC, CADE, INMETRO, IPEM, IBAMA, IPAAM, IMPLURB, SEMMAS, Fire Department, INSS, DNIT, PRF, professional entities and professional entities and professional fiscalization);
  • Regulatory and Administrative Law Litigation;
  • Regulatory Compliance;
  • Regulatory Advisory in the Environmental area;
  • Regulatory Advisory in the Telecommunication industry;
  • Assistance (advisory and administrative / judicial litigation) in plubic (biddings) and in contracts with governments;
  • Paralegal services related to immigration and foreign citizenship.